Industrial Ceramic Coating

QMS is pleased to be one of the only industrial ceramic coating specialists in Adelaide, and one of a small number of suppliers of Cerakote coating services in Australia.

Ceramic coatings increase the longevity of components by adding the industry's best corrosion protection in an ultra-durable thin film coating. It is a performance coating known for its high-quality look, feel, and durability. The inorganic formulations allow for maximum durability, excellent UV stability, extreme chemical resistance, and consistency across multiple substrates.

QMS’ application of this high performance coating is relied upon by many clients across defence, aerospace, oil and gas, mining and automotive industries.

Contact us to find out how we can fulfil the requirements for your project using industrial ceramic coating.


Corrosion Protection

Unmatched corrosion resistance, even in the harshest environments. At 25 microns thickness, ceramic coating surpasses 2,000 hrs of salt spray corrosion testing (ASTM B117) without failure.


Chemical Protection

Ideal for exposure to acids, alkaline solutions, drilling fluid, crude oils and by-products, hydraulic fluids and more.

Abrasion Resistance

Handles high wear environments. Military grade ceramic coatings that outperform any other finish in the industry.


Ceramic coatings extremely thin film design (applied at only 6 to 50 microns) allows the coating to flex with the substrate. Great for thermal expansion and high vibratory environments. Will not inhibit the function of threads and other components. Replaces multi-layer paint and powder coating systems.

Environmental Impact

It does not contain any heavy metals. It is a REACH, ROHS, and prop 65 compliant coating.

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